Welcome to Blue Sky Energy

Industry Leaders In Solar Boost™ Charge Controllers with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT).

Blue Sky Energy is a quality driven, customer oriented company. Our development of Maximum Power Point Tracking technology in 1998 led to the issuance of two patents. Our products are used worldwide to provide power in battery based or off-grid systems. Whether the system is a remote telecom site, security camera, a portable solar power system for the military, an RV or boat, Solar Boost products are selected because of their proven reliability, consistent quality, and affordable prices. Our patented technology delivers up to 30% more power from your PV Modules than conventional solar charge controllers.


Genasun Partnership

Blue Sky Energy and Genasun have merged! This allows us to offer the off-grid power industry’s most extensive lineup of power electronics. More importantly, the collaboration will lead to combining the best from both companies and the engineering and co-development of new, advanced off-grid products that are rugged, efficient, and easy to use.