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Announcing the New Solar Boost 1524iX 12/24V 20/15A MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Blue Sky Energy Unveils New Solar Boost 1524iX 12/24V 20/15A MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Vista, California -  Blue Sky Energy, Inc., a leading manufacturer of photovoltaic (PV) charge controllers introduces the new Solar Boost 1524iX, the latest addition to the Solar Boost™ family of Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) solar charge controllers. The SB1524iX utilizes Blue Sky Energy’s patented MPPT technology which can harvest more power from PV modules and increase charge current up to 30% or more compared to conventional PWM charge controllers.

The Solar Boost 1524iX dual 15/20 amp rating will deliver up to 15 amps in 24 volt systems or 20 amps in 12 volt systems. The SB1524iX also includes fully programmable Post-Dusk and Pre-Dawn lighting control, Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD), the ability to charge a second battery, and Blue Sky Energy’s IPN network architecture.

According to Melanie Cullen, V.P. of Operations and Marketing, “We are excited to bring this new industrial controller to the outdoor lighting market place. Our patented MPPT technology is key to providing more power from a fixed set of PV modules, especially when module power is limited by space or other considerations. This product was developed at the request of our many industrial customers who are looking for a competitively priced smaller 24 volt MPPT charge controller with fully adjustable lighting control functionality.“

While a key feature in the SB1524iX is fully adjustable dusk to dawn lighting control, the charge controller will be popular in many markets where flexibility, reliability and ease of installation is important. The controllers auxiliary output can function as a 15/20 amp load controller, or as a 2 amp auxiliary battery charger. The 2 amp auxiliary battery charger a popular feature with the RV and Marine markets where an infrequently used engine start battery needs to be maintained.

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