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BSE Brings Solar-Powered Communications to Students in Canada

CALGARY, CANADA (May 21, 2012) - Solar product manufacturer Blue Sky Energy announced today that it has donated its Universal Communication Module (UCM) to a critical Wi-Fi pilot project in Calgary, Canada. Students at the School of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) are employing the UCM in a solar-powered communications system which will supply phone and internet connectivity for emergency response, geological survey, and remote residential applications.

“Blue Sky Energy sees a pressing need to spark and sustain boundless local and global conversations and employ clean technology to serve the common good”, said Blue Sky Energy VP of Marketing and Operations Melanie Cullen. 
ICT students are mentored by prototyping lab Calgary Protospace, a local incubator for innovative technology ideas, and Think Energy, a renewable energy consultancy. Darryl Kaminski of Think Energy handpicked the “perfectly fitted and uniquely qualified” maximum power point technology or MPPT-compatible communication module for this project.  The UCM’s optimal durability exceeds the rigorous demands of operation in Calgary’s harsh climate.  Additionally, the resilient, military-certified unit shoulders extreme operating conditions without any downtime failure. 

Protospace Director Ben Reed states that “traditional networks with similar capabilities are extremely costly, sluggish and exclusive, available to internet service providers only.  We aim to remove these barriers of entry so that they can be deployed and operated by someone with little training in several hours.”

The travelling device, born on an SICT campus rooftop, is currently stationed in nearby Heritage Park and will soon launch as a mobile museum exhibition touring through Canadian festivals this summer.

About Blue Sky Energy ?
Blue Sky Energy is the trusted, off-grid solar solutions provider with manufacturing operations in the U.S. They offer the largest collection of small-sized MPPT solar charge controllers and pair dynamic solutions with unsurpassed quality and reliability. Fourteen years after introducing the first MPPT product to the clean energy community, Blue Sky Energy maintains its commitment to excellence in personalized customer service, philanthropy, and international relations with distribution to over 33 countries worldwide.

About Protospace
Protospace is a community prototyping lab for the curious, inventive, and collaborative citizens of Calgary that facilitates member initiatives by proving physical space, tools and a deeply resourceful and supportive online community.

About Think Energy Inc.
Think Energy Inc. consults on projects as varied as building energy efficiency, electric vehicle conversion and PV system design. Our goal is to help bring about the change that is needed to make energy generation more sustainable and consumption more efficient. With 20 years of experience in communication and energy, we have helped hundreds of clients realize their ideas and translate them into the non-technical language that connects them with investors and customers world-wide. 

Solar Marketing Group, Liz Oh, President, 415-346-9091,

Blue Sky Energy, Melanie Cullen, V.P. Operations & Marketing, 760-597-1642

Calgary Protospace, Ben Reed, Director, 403-973-0440,

Think Energy, Inc. Darryl Kaminski, CET LEED AP, 403-478-2466,

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