This price list becomes effective for all shipments beginning May 2013, and supercedes all previous price lists. Product can be purchased through a variety of renewable energy dealers and distributors. Please contact us if you need additional help in contacting a supplier.

Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.

Part # Description MSRP
SB1524iX 20A/12V 270W - 15A/24V 400W MPPT Charge Controller. Standard wall mount box included. $165
SB2512iX-HV 25A 12V MPPT PV charge & load controller 60-cell module capability included (20A) $195
SB2512i-HV 25A 12V MPPT PV charge controller 60 cell module capability included (20A) $180
SB3000i 30A 12V/22A 12V MPPT solar charge controller. Includes built in display and full IPN Network capability and load control. $260
SB3024iL 12V/40A 540W - 24V/30A 800W MPPT PV charge controller. Without display. ETL/cETL Listed to UL1741. $310
SB3024DiL 12V/40A 540W - 24V/30A 800W MPPT PV charge controller. With digital display. ETL/cETL Listed to UL1741. $387
SB3024iL-DUO SB3024iL with factory installed DUO-Option. ETL/cETL Listed to UL1741. $390
SB3024DiL-DUO SB3024DiL with factory installed DUO-Option. ETL/cETL Listed to UL1741. $440
Upgrade/SB3024-DUO DUO-Option, Software upgrade converts SB3024(D)iL. Auxiliary output into 20A PWM diversion charge controller $80
SC30 Precise PWM solar charge controller 12V/30A 450W with 36-cell module with built in amp hour counter. $125
IPN Remote IPN Remote display. 25' (7.6m) cable included. $80
IPN ProRemote IPN ProRemote display (w/o shunt). 25' (7.6m) cable included $170
IPN ProReomte-S IPN ProRemote display with 500amp shunt. 25' (7.6m) cable included $210
UCM Universal Communication Module External communication bridge via RS-485Modbus, Modbus/IP and HTTP web site driver. $259
930-0022-20 Optional battery temperature sensor $29
SC30-Adapter 7.5"x4.6" (19.1x11.7cm) Black panel existing cutout adapter. Covers existing large cutout & accepts SC30/SB3000i/SB2000E $29
REM-Adapter 7.5"x4.6" (19.1x11.7cm) IPN Remote display adapter. Black panel adapts IPN Remote to existing large cutout. $29
CBM4070 Current booster module, 24V 70A DC or 24V 40A 3024 Duo-Option PWM, CE labeled. $105
MTG BOX 2512 SB2512i(X)-HV Plastic ABS wall mount box - 2.50"" (7cm) deep. Also for SB1524iX $10
720-0011-01 SC30/SB3000i/SB2000E Wall mount box - 2.75" (7cm) deep. Black powder coat. $35
506-0003-01 500A/50mV current shunt $45
310-0011-01 Digital display board $72.50
310-0017-01 SB3024i power control board & heatsink $312
SB3024PDiL SB3024i cover with built in digital display $100
SB-RVK SB3024iL + IPN ProRemote $447
SB-RVK-S SB3024iL + IPN ProRemote-S $494