IPN ProRemote (IPN ProRemote-S)

IPN ProRemote (IPN ProRemote-S)

The IPN-ProRemote combines full-featured charge controller monitoring and battery system monitoring into a single user friendly remote display. A bright crisp backlit LCD display with plain English language text and three simple front panel keys is extremely easy to use.

With the IPN-ProRemote you no longer have to guess how much battery capacity remains. A high accuracy calculation of remaining battery capacity compensates for a variety of factors including charge/discharge current, battery size, type, temperature and how the battery was brought back to full charge. It even learns from past battery behavior to continuously improve accuracy!

The IPN-ProRemote also monitors and controls BlueSky Energy’s IPN based charge controllers. It can monitor both the combined total and individual status of up to eight IPN charge controllers on a single IPN network. Depending on the particular charge controller model, certain additional parameters or settings can be accessed or modified with the IPN-ProRemote.

By combining an advanced battery system monitor and charge controller display into a single unit, the IPN-Pro Remote eliminates the need for a separate battery monitor. It also simplifies installation and eliminates the headaches of trying to setup and synchronize separate charge controller and battery monitor systems.

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Technical Bulletin #100218
Purpose: 5 Year Warranty Extension

Technical Bulletin #100217
Purpose: IPN-ProRemote static immunity upgrade kit. Upgrade to Resolve Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Induced Reset or Lockup

Technical Bulletin #100213
Purpose: Dusk-to-Dawn lighting control provided in software versions V2.00 and later

Related Product Pricing

IPN compatible charge controllers include SB1524iX, SB2512i/iX and SB3024iL

Part # Description MSRP
UCM Universal Communication Module ( est. March 2011) External communication bridge via RS-485Modbus, Modbus/IP and HTTP web site driver $249
IPNPRO IPN-ProRemote display w/o required shunt. 25' (7.6m) cable included, CE labeled. $220
IPNPRO-S IPN-ProRemote display with 500amp shunt. 25' (7.6m) cable included, CE labeled. $261

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