IPN Remote

Monitoring data of your charge controller.
IPN Remote

IPN Remote display provides basic monitoring for IPN compatible charge controllers from Blue Sky Energy. Monitor battery voltage, output current, and charge control system status for up to 8 charge controllers on a single IPN network. The bright, crisp LED screen reports battery voltage for each controller or across the whole system and provides excellent readability in all lighting conditions. Monitor charge status with simple and intuitive LED indicator. Multiple IPN Remote displays can be
used with the same system and along with an IPN ProRemote.



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IPN Remote
IPN Remote
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5-Year Warranty (Tech. Bulletin #100218)

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IPN compatible charge controllers include SB1524iX, SB2512i/iX and SB3024iL

Part # Description MSRP
REM-Adapter 7.5"x4.6" (19.1x11.7cm) IPN Remote display adapter. Black panel adapts IPN Remote to existing large cutout. $29
IPN Remote IPN Remote display. 25' (7.6m) cable included. $80

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