Solar Boost 2512i(X)-HV

MPPT solar charge controller 12V/25A 340W for 36-cell panels or 12V/20A 270W for 60-cell panels.
Solar Boost 2512i(X)-HV

SB2512i-HV model without Load Output

SB2512iX-HV model with Load Output

Meet the SB2512i-HV, our most affordable MPPT controller option available for off-grid electrification or use with off grid inverters (for AC load). The SB2512iX-HV's additional features, such as an auxiliary output for charging a second battery, make it suitable for many applications, including RVs and Marine. The SB2512iX-HV can manage a 25A load output for small off-grid electrification applications. When programmed with an IPN Pro Remote or UCM, it will provide dusk-to-dawn load control for PV street lighting. It is compatible with FLA, AGM, and Gel batteries, and Lithium batteries when programmed by an IPN ProRemote. Its IPN Network interface can communicate with other Blue Sky Energy charge controllers as a single charging system, allowing increased flexibility and optimization in system design.



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Solar Boost 2512i(X)-HV
Solar Boost 2512i(X)-HV
Solar Boost 2512i(X)-HV
Solar Boost 2512i(X)-HV
Solar Boost 2512i(X)-HV
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5-Year Warranty (Tech. Bulletin #100218)

Dusk-to-Dawn Program (Technical Bulletin #100213)
Purpose: Dusk-to-Dawn lighting control provided in software versions V2.00 and later

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Part # Description MSRP
SB2512iX-HV 25A 12V MPPT PV charge & load controller 60-cell module capability included (20A) $195
SB2512i-HV 25A 12V MPPT PV charge controller 60 cell module capability included (20A) $180
930-0022-20 Optional battery temperature sensor $29
IPN ProRemote IPN ProRemote display (w/o shunt). 25' (7.6m) cable included $170
IPN Remote IPN Remote display. 25' (7.6m) cable included. $80

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