Practical Sailor

Blue Sky Energy gets rave reviews from the sailing worlds most prestigious consumer reports magazine "Practical Sailor".
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Modern Boating Magazine

Our Solar Boost product was reviewed in February 2007 edition of Modern Boating Magazine.
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Sunwize Technologies Solar Boost review

A discussion of why MPPT and why choose Solar Boost charge controllers. Steve concludes "I have found the unit to work as advertised and real-life performance gains to be consistent with the data presented previously in this article."
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Sandia National Laboratory

Sandia National Laboratory "Evaluation of a PV Battery Charger Using a Maximum Point Tracker ". Sandia evaluates the performance of Solar Boost 3048. Sandia National Laboratories, Quarterly, Volume 4, 2001 (printed 7/02)
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Things That Work - Review of Solar Boost 50

Home Power Magazine June/July 2000, says this, "Every so often a product comes along that significantly changes the RE industry" and it concludes, "If you are not using a Solar Boost 50 MPPT charge controller in your system, you're wasting some of your expensive, PV-produced power."
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What is a Charge Controller?

"What is a Charge Controller?" by Windy Dankoff is reproduced on our site with permission of Home Power Magazine and the author. From the September 1999 issue, it discusses Maximum Power Point Technology (MPPT) and we highly recommend it to you for informative reading.
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Another 5 Star Review

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Making A Difference One School At a Time

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